The result is unique, always beyond expectations

By their own chemical nature, INK FOR LEATHER colors can be used to dye both chrome and vegetable tanned leathers.

The maximum values of fastness to light, to heat, to PVC migration, to chemical agents remind in fact finished leather for automotive, even if we are talking about dyeing process ‘only’.

The usage during the wet-end phase of raw materials with chemical and physical resistance of a finished item, allows to get a strong covering power without affecting in any way the natural appearance of the leather.


Where INK FOR LEATHER colors make the difference

Pure aniline and natural leathers

INK FOR LEATHER colors fastness makes unique this kind of article. The light fastness at the level of a finished leather is of essential importance in the case of pure aniline leathers since the final result exclusively depends on the characteristics of the dye used in the dyeing process.

Suede and nubuck leathers, nappas and not finished articles

Thanks to the strong covering power and to the high light fastness, an oil- and water-resistant article can finally get bright shades without bleaching.

Washing resistance prevents the appearance of surface stains in the case of accidental contact with water.


The fastness to light and to migration on PVC normally given by finishing pigments are now guaranteed by the dyeing process.

The specifications requested by car companies can be easily achieved with the use of INK FOR LEATHER colors.