INK FOR LEATHER is environmentally friendly

Tanning industry is the sector that in recent years has achieved the most surprising steps ahead in matter of environmental sustainability, especially in Italy. A result which builds on continuous research and cutting-edge technical solutions, which involves the entire supply chain and of course sees the chemical companies engaged in the foreground. This environmental awareness, which has always characterized Syn-Bios SpA, was one of the reasons that led to the conception and creation of INK FOR LEATHER range.

The traditional dyestuffs contain salts, sulfates and chlorides in variable percentages, which contribute to the pollution of tannery sewage. INK FOR LEATHER colors are totally free of these substances.

Thanks to their chemical nature, INK FOR LEATHER colors are insoluble in water therefore, during fixation, they are adsorbed on leather allowing to obtain totally exhausted bath, avoiding color contamination of sewage.

COD analysis (chemical oxygen demand) of a dye bath made with INK FOR LEATHER colors shows a significant reduction of the value compared with dyestuffs dyeing bath one.



INK FOR LEATHER is a safe product

Particular attention has been given to the development of formulations with no danger classification for human health and environment.

INK FOR LEATHER colors are safe in this respect also. No dangerous raw materials have been selected to be in compliance with current regulations (REACH, CLP and BIOCIDES and following amendments); in this way we avoid any hazardous classification for the entire range. It is important to emphasize the total absence of formaldehyde and banned aromatic amines too.

Some of INK FOR LEATHER colors are based on iron oxides, titanium dioxide and copper phthalocyanine. Our technical staff will be prompt to advise which are the suitable colors to use for metal-free articles. 

INK FOR LEATHER series ensures compliance with the most restrictive specifications, because they are hazardous substances free. No hazard pictograms, no hazard and precautionary statements.

INK FOR LEATHER colors are liquid, this also guarantees a safe handling by operators, which avoid inhaling powder chemicals.