The ink revolution

INK FOR LEATHER is a revolutionary product that tells of a great passion for research, a deep-seated ecological sensitivity and a spirit of innovation that characterizes Syn-Bios spa company since its foundation. This attitude, which combines the care for the environment and for sustainability with the company focus on chemical and physical performance, has always allowed Syn-Bios laboratories to anticipate in many cases both the market demands and regulations.

is the latest innovation, the result of a five-year research and testing

Motivated by the aim of a greener tanning industry and by input from customers, with which it was tested the effectiveness of laboratory results in the production phase, Syn-Bios laboratories have developed not just a new product but a real innovative system for leather drum dyeing. The revolution consists in the total replacement, both in penetration and in top dyeing, of traditional dyestuffs with the new proposal of the inks for drum dyeing.


Every innovation needs a good idea to start with and the technical skills to make it happen

The observations on the state of the art regarding leather drum dyeing process, and the chance to overcome some objective limits, especially the low values about light fastness and washing resistance, as well as the tendency to move on plasticised PVC: these considerations have been used as the starting point of this project.
Aiming to propose something innovative if compared to a process that has always been pretty much the same, it was necessary to get really out of patterns. So, no wonder the idea of an alternative system came out not from a chemist by profession, but actually from the founder and president of Syn-Bios spa.

“The idea originally came about looking at a pen – tells Daniele Gastaldello, CEO of Syn-Bios -. Why can we then not consider a permanent ink for leather dye process too? Why don’t we use the pigments for finishing also for wet-end phase?”. Something unthinkable for a chemist by profession: conceptually impossible to think to use a pigment, an insoluble chemical, in drum dyeing process, where solubility is required. By research and thanks to the scientific background and to the technical expertise, Syn-Bios laboratories have shown that a goal which seemed unreachable, today is reality..

The water-based formulation of the inks provides a heightened micro-grinding of the pigments in way to obtain the performance of a dye solution.

Leather dyeing process takes place in a drum, according to the traditional procedure, but the result is revolutionary

The outstanding physicochemical properties of inks for drum dyeing can be seen in all the maximum values about light fastness and water resistance, as well as a low environmental impact: no release of salts, chlorides and sulphates in waste water, no development of banned aromatic amines.

Thanks to their chemical nature, during fixation INK FOR LEATHER colors are adsorbed on leather allowing to obtain a totally exhausted bath, avoiding color contamination of sewage. Particular attention has been given select no dangerous raw materials in way to develop formulations with no danger classification for human health and environment.